SEP 2017
Lorenzo Castillo, Internationally Renowned High-Concept Style Decor Artist, Visits Circus by Borja
Image Source: Architectural Digest Magazine.

Lorenzo Castillo, Internationally Renowned High-Concept Style Decor Artist, Visits Circus by Borja

Lorenzo Castillo, internationally renowned high-concept style decor artist, will be in Circus by Borja (Oviedo) on Tuesday, September 26th to talk live about how it is like to work in the glamourous and sophisticated world of high-concept style decor.
Lorenzo Castillo studied Art History and Antiquities in the University of Madrid, and then he studied Fine Arts in Boston and New York. He quickly opened his first gallery of antiquities in Madrid's Barrio de las Letras. His first popular artwork with media coverage was the renovation of Loewe's shops in Madrid, Shanghai, Kong Kong and Singapore.
Another milestone in his career was the work he carried out in Prince Felipe's wedding (now King Felipe VI), by decorating the drive from the cathedral to the Royal Palace on the wedding day, when they passed by such iconic sites in Madrid as Paseo del Prado, Cibeles, Neptuno and Atocha. Besides, he's worked for several hotels across the world, from Florence to New York, for companies like Room Mate hotels or the iconic Santo Mauro hotel of Madrid.
He's currently working for hotels in Ibiza, Valencia, Paris and a Relais Châteaux In Madrid, as well as in restaurants in Brussels and the boutique of the Cartier jewellery shop in Madrid.
Lorenzo Castillo actually designs his own collection of fabrics and wallpapers as well as exclusive rugs for The Rug Company.
He's the only Spanish designer that had the honour to be featured in the rankings of world's 100 greatest decor artists edited every year by Architectural Digest USA , ELLE Decor USA, and AD Francia, where he's been shortlisted for the last four years.
About Circus Talks
The talk of Lorenzo Castillo is part of the Circus talks series, a project boosted by our law firm for hosting conferences, workshops, panel discussions and meetings. Circus by Borja was designed to become an open space to share knowledge and experiences. 'We want Circus by Borja to host lots of visitors, specially young people. We want them to feel welcomed in an open space that inspires joy, freshness, good vibes, innovation and avant-garde' tells Sergio Requejo, Head of the Circus Talks plan, together with María Mateo, Director of Circus by Borja.