APR 2018
Luca Pardo: "Little Do They Know in Italy that a Revolution is Coming"

Luca Pardo: "Little Do They Know in Italy that a Revolution is Coming"


In an article released yesterday by Expansión, the improvement in Italian economy and the sophistication of the transactions is triggering an increase on the demand of legal services, which explains why the country is turning into the new top destination for legal firms.

One of the examples of legal firms operating in Italy featured in the article is ONTIER, which landed in Italy in 2017. According to  Luca Pardo, Partner at ONTIER Italy, one of the most interesting facts about Italy is that 'it's an open country when it comes to new ideas, products and services, internationalisation and talent.'

Pardo also notes that Italy holds the first position in Europe within the SMEs sector, the second position regarding the added value provided by manufacturing companies and the fourth position regarding the value of high tech production. Pardo highlights Italy's leadership in sectors such as tourism, luxury and fashion, design, food and aviation. He notes that these advantageous conditions could get reinforced if the necessary structural reforms and the European programmes required to boost Italian economy's growth were implemented.

Pardo believes that the legal sector is going through a turning point in Italy, and he states that a dramatic change is taking place in just a few years' time. 'Little do they know in Italy that a revolution is coming. Besides local competitors, now law firms need to think global in order to provide their clients with support everywhere they go.' That's why Pardo believes that a global law firm like ONTIER is a strong player in a market where local firms 'are not aware of the need for dramatic changes that will directly affect their relationship with clients.'