LUG 2018
Luca Pardo Interviewed by Fortune Italy

Luca Pardo Interviewed by Fortune Italy


A few days ago Luca Pardo, Managing Partner at ONTIER Italy, was interviewed by Fortune Italy, the Italian edition of the Fortune American magazine. The interview focused on law firm's approach to clients, and Luca explained what makes ONTIER different in that regard. 

'Previously lawyers would be asked to follow a safety-based strategy aimed at making the client feel comfortable, whereas today's trend is the opposite and conservative has paved the way for more risk-prone legal initiatives', noted Pardo.

'Those who turn to us as legal advisors are looking for support in their increasingly critical transactions' explains Luca Pardo. 'In this scenario, an innovative legal firm should be able to develop a sales-oriented mindset, to push their lawyers further, as remaining the on-desk legal skilled and talented professional is no longer an option, and further means dealing with the client, gaining a thorough knowledge on their field of specialisation and building a relationship based on trust.'

If you want to read the full interview, you can check it in the following link (IT only).