Erika Stanca

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Piazza Cavour 19

Erika Stanca

Lawyer | ONTIER ITALY · Rome

Erika graduated in Law (October 2013) from the University of Parma and in 2018 she was admitted to the Italian Bar.

Her considerable experience in these areas of practice allowed her to provide professional consultancy to several companies and start-ups of national relevance. In her previous work experience she also dealt with issues related to new technology law, IT/IP contracts, intellectual property law, civil and corporate law. 

In 2021 she obtained a master’s degree in New Technology law and digital transformation at the IPSOA School of Education in Milan.

She is the author of several editorial contributions on data protection, technological innovation and influencer marketing.

In 2021 she joined Ontier Italia as a Junior Associate, where she focuses on Compliance and Privacy on a national and international level by assisting Italian and foreign entities, as well as multinational corporations.

Her native language is Italian and she is fluent in English.